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Hunter Development Corporation

Throughout history, people have often been told to venture west in pursuit of new opportunities.

BluePrint Business Communications is flipping the script and heading east. This is exemplified by the Raleigh agency’s signing of Hunter Development Corporation (HDC).

The family-owned conglomerate is headquartered in Jacksonville, North Carolina and is responsible for the development of more than 25 residential communities throughout the Carolinas. Annually, HDC develops 100 single family homes.

There have been various industry changes since Hunter Development Corporation opened its doors for business in 1977. The digital wave prompted HDC to act and retain the services of BluePrint Business Communications.

“Even businesses that have been operating for as long as we have must innovate. This is why we chose a forward-thinking agency like BluePrint to elevate our digital footprint,” said HDC President, Mike Tuton.

BluePrint Business Communications will look to transition HDC’s long-standing reputation of excellence from the streets to the web.

“We are happy to have secured new business in this region, as there is an abundance of growth in eastern North Carolina,” said BluePrint President, Brice Connors. “Hunter Development Corporation has been building the American Dream in the Carolinas for the past 40 years and we look forward to helping them continue to do so for another 40 years.”

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