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Mechanical Technologies & Solutions

In 2009, Mechanical Technologies & Solutions was founded by Michael Carter. Over the course of 10 years, Carter has assembled a team of 100 mechanical experts that boast more than 250 years of experience within the fields of maintenance, diagnostics, and repair of multiple types of heating, cooling, and refrigeration equipment.

MTS has worked with brands like Penske, Volvo, Wells Fargo, RJ Reynolds and numerous commercial construction companies.

When BluePrint Business Communications initially started working with MTS — the mechanical contracting firm was looking to modernize its company website, grow its social media presence, and kickstart its digital footprint. 

BluePrint’s first order of business was to build the website. Then after strategic planning — the marketing team began to craft engaging content to roll out on LinkedIn. LinkedIn was chosen as the social media platform of choice because MTS’ work is strictly B2B.

Given the fact that MTS had not done much marketing in the past, BluePrint chose to strategically showcase MTS employees, workplace initiatives, jobs, and most importantly customers.

With this in mind, BluePrint Business Communications introduced what we call a #aMiniCaseStudySeries on behalf of MTS. It is no secret that by focusing marketing efforts on customers, you are able to….

  1. Increase retention – (Remind brands of your company.)
  2. Increase revenue – (Current customers are more reliable buyers than new ones.)
  3. Increase acquisition – (Happy customers attract new business.)
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We wanted to find an initiative that showcased the various brands MTS works with day in and day out. Considering the fact that only 10-20% of readers actually make it to the bottom of content (CoSchedule Study), it was important for us to be able to highlight our clients work in less than 125 words.

Therefore; we crafted narratives that shed light on the businesses that MTS has worked with throughout the years. The #aMiniCaseStudySeries provided background on who the customers were, what MTS had done with the customer, and closed with a testimonial that positively reflected our client as the companies mechanical contractor of choice.

We worked alongside the Mechanical Technologies & Solutions customers in an effort to get them to share the #aMiniCaseStudySeries on their social platforms so we could tap into their network. The #aMiniCaseStudySeries also served as solid content for the given customers.

MTS enjoyed an average 16.14% engagement rate on this particular initiative. This is 13% higher than the norm on LinkedIn.

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